Sunday, June 25, 2006

Renny and her old friends

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  • 6/25/06

    Renny met her best friend, Alex at Simone's Family Daycare in Point Loma when she was a year and half. She still remembers Alex even though Renny doesn't go to that daycare anymore. She talks about Alex all the time; even she named one of her turtles, Alex at her Grandma Georgia's.

    We never forget when she was a toddler and told us how much fun she had with AX (her fingerspelled). Later, we figured it out. It was spelled for Alex!

    We thought that Renny probably would never see her again but Alex's mom; Mary contacted us that Alex wanted to see Renny again! We were so surprised that we got contacted from Mary then we made plans to get together. We met at Fanuel Park (in Pacific Beach, San Diego) for lunch and play. Also, another friend, Melissa from Renny's daycare joined the girls.

    Renny, Alex, and Melissa had too much fun together at the Fanuel Park a for couple hours. They played in the sand with the beach toys and swam in the bay with their clothes on!!

    We were very pleased to see Renny happy to see her old friends again!

    The Savages

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    Anonymous said...

    I am so happy to hear that the girls had so much fun!! I am sorry i could not make it, but I will definetely go next time!!!
    Renny is getting so big and beautiful!!! I miss her!!
    Send my love for her!!!
    With love, Moni