Sunday, June 25, 2006

Father's day

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  • Father day, 6/18/06

    I am really appreciated being a father because my daughter is growing with a language that we can chat more and more together. I was amazed to see her how she develops in her own world that she loves to share with me.

    She melted my heart when she said," You are the best dad in the whole wide world!"

    We invited Barry and Georgia (Holly's parents) to come over to our place. Holly made a delicious breakfast, blueberry waffle with bacon, sausages, fresh strawberries, blueberries, and coffee. We feasted and enjoyed it. We kicked back and chatted in our living room all morning.

    We could have invited my parents but they were having too much fun in Hawaii on the cruise celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary.



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    Anonymous said...

    vzzNow that was so sweet it made my eyes tear up, boo hoo....hugs from Auntie Pat.