Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dump on the freeway in San Diego!

This morning, I read news about Dump on freeway worst than what I saw a driver toss their cigarette butts out of the window! I assumed my sticker "PACK YOUR TRASH" on my rear of car; it isn't give message enough! Not very long ago, I wasn't concern about trash spread out in everywhere until I saw cigarette floated on the water while I was paddled on my surfboard. So, I would be very appreciate if everyone DO cares about environmental or let us will see increase percent of our taxes for pay state crew CLEANS our mess! Can we make difference?

Caltrans has furnished an entire house with freeway trash, including a mattress, sofas, an old phonograph and even a washing machine, NBC 7/39 reported. All of the items were picked up by Caltrans crews on local freeways.

Litter crews said they pick up 50 mattresses per month in San Diego County alone. Many of the large items end up on the freeway because they are not properly tied down in cars and pickup trucks.

More info: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/9430283/detail.html#


Anonymous said...

If you see someone discard a lit cigarette, please call 1-800-NO-SMOKE and report it! You will need the time, date and location of the incident; the license plate #, make and model of the car; and a general description of the culprit (i.e., driver or passenger, male or female). The highway patrol will send the owner of the vehicle a letter telling them in no uncertain terms that this is punishable by a fine of $1000 if they are caught again! Go CHP!

Anonymous said...

Must revise the last comment to be call 1-800-NO-SMOKES (or there aren't enough numbers to make a phone number...)

Jon Savage said...

GREAT! I got my pen and paper ready! I saw it on news once in long times. Thank you for your shared.

BTW, Yes, GO CHP if you haven't got any tickets for long time!


Jason said...

Yea, thank god for my OCD. I do care about environment and wouldn't want to trash the earth. (I've been bad boy many times). I'm going to repair my guilt trips and to make the difference.