Monday, July 24, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogger (english) vs. Vlogger (ASL)

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Subtitled by Jared Evans

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Starbuck clerk know me as Deaf!

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Stay tuned for translate in English..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My experience about NAD

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I would like to share with my experiences about National Association of the Deaf. Let's start from a long time ago, I learned a little bit about Jr. NAD during my high school years. When I was senior, I was chosen to be the president. It was my pleasure to do it and I had fun doing it. The year of 1991 was a big success for my high school by earning a fund raising. We hosted a basketball tournament that included all the mainstreamed high school in Southern California. After I graduated from high school, I didn't follow up with NAD.

I gave my support to Jared Evans for his willing to do a blog for NAD. I read his first blog at NAD that made me agreed his point of view for NAD based on his experience with NAD. After I read 95 post-conference blogs that caused me to change my perspective of NAD from the past 15 years. I do appreciated by their hard work for 125 years. Now, I'm looking forward to the next NAD conference by going there or read more blogs.

Last thing, I would like to have NAD committee to consider installing Vlog on NAD. Of course, American Sign Language is our first language for the deaf community that we are proud of!

Thank you for your viewing this vlog.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Long day at La Jolla Shores on July 4th!

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  • Hello,

    My family and I were so excited to have fun at La Jolla Shores beach for July 4th! The night before, we were packing our food and beach stuff. We wanted to be ready to arrive at the beach early as possible to reserve the bonfire ring. Unfortunately, at 5:30 AM we were too late to reserve the bonfire ring because the beach was open at 4 AM!! The grass field next to the beach was already packed and was filled up with umbrellas, tents, canopies, and people!

    We got lucky that we got to the front row of the parking lot. We made an announcement to have everyone to meet at a specific location, but it was filled up quickly. John, Reed, and I surfed after we made a living room under the canopy. Reed and I surfed for over 2 hours on the water, which it was glassy with small & good shaped waves.

    Our daughter, Renny was so excited being in the water and hopped over the waves (see in pictures). She was very lucky that she has friends to play with. Our friends were happy to loan their boogie board to Renny and she got addicted to it! She knew that she had to share it with her friends but she kept saying one more, one more, and one more!

    We were very pleased to see our 20 - 25 friends and they joined and chatted with us. We felt honored by our friends who they wanted to hold our son, Lenny while we could watch or play with Renny in the water. We borrowed our friend, Joe Keller's kayak and we felt very spoiled going on kayaking alone. We explored the swells on the way to La Jolla Cove and looked at the caves down below where people went snorkeling. Later in that afternoon, Reed and I surfed again for another 2 hours and we got out of the water before sunset!

    We thought we wouldn’t be able to have a bonfire since we couldn't reserve the bonfire ring. Chris and Kary brought their fire pit so we could have a bonfire!! YAYYYY!! Some of our friends have left before the fireworks and some of us stayed and watched the beautiful fireworks in 3 different places. We had s’mores and sat in our living room. We left La Jolla shores at 10 PM and the traffic was terrible, it was bumper to bumper for 30 minutes! If there was no heavy traffic then we could have got home within 5 minutes!


    The Savage

    Monday, July 03, 2006