Saturday, July 15, 2006

Starbuck clerk know me as Deaf!

Go to YouTube (ASL VLOG)

Stay tuned for translate in English..


grantlairdjr said...

LOL. Thanks for sharing it with us.

BTW, check out our website -



Belle said...

Hi Jon!

Far out! Hey, I want this t-shirt! Hook me up?

Belle (remmy me? I now live in my home state, Louisiana)

Jon Savage said...

Hello Grant,

Yeah, I went to that coffee shop in Pacific Beach that used to be Coffee Creme.

About 10 coffee houses in Pacific Beach area!

Jon Savage said...

Ohhh Hello Belle!

Yes, I do remember you from old days!

I had this tee for Deaf Awarness Day when I was co-chairperson for events in 2005. I will shared your comments to commitee of 2006

McBeth said...


Chris MACK! said...

hahaha! Good story. You always catch me off guard with random comments, then I realize it's related to what I have written on my shirt. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!

Daniel Greene said...


I remember you from San Diego, and I'm glad to see you have a Vlog now! I just converted my ten-year-old website into a blog, and added you to my blogroll.

I watched that story about being recognized as Deaf in Starbucks, and I thought, "Wow, just like the ASL videotaped stories I used to watch when I was learning ASL!" The story was short and sweet, easy to follow, and contained a little lesson about deaf culture with a surprise ending. Very cute!

pix9thorpe60 said...


It is hard to see your t-shirt..what it say? My vision is blurr or your vlog is not clearly to read it so fast.

Could you send me?


pix9thorpe60 said...

Hahaha.. I rewind to see what did your t-shir's message. I have hard time to read because of too bright yellow.. until I had to focus on black ink.. until I finally get it now.. It is not easy to read your t shirt has to say?

Far out the message is funny..


Lisa Marie said...


Far out! If I was in your shoes, I would be flattered! Really, it is so funny!