Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogger (english) vs. Vlogger (ASL)

Go to YouTube(ASL VLOG with subtitles)

Subtitled by Jared Evans

How to quickly add subtitles to your digital home video clips
Go to Jared Evans' blog

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Tayler said...

LOL! I was gonna comment before I saw my name mentioned. :) Anyways, yeah, great analogy. The thing, though, is if one were to both blog and vlog, they wouldn't come out the same. Just as the analogy goes, the book (blog) never seems to agree with the movie (vlog). Just an interesting thought.

I've been meaning to submit my first vlog, but have put it off because it's not like blogging. In order to edit a vlog, you have to re-do it all over again.

Jon Savage said...

Hello Tayler!

When I read your comment that made me see a conecpt of language that people preferred:

Orange (English) or Apple (ASL) but both are fruit (Story). Now, which's looks good?

Are you considering about language or acutal fruit? ;^P